Could Exeter feature in Ed Sheeran's planned film about his life?

By Jamie_Hawkins | Posted: July 05, 2017

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Ed Sheeran is hoping to make a film about his life and career, and Exeter could feature in the project.

The record-breaking musician recently announced plans to make a project similar to the rapper Eminem's 8 mile, although this one will be based in Ipswich rather than Detroit.

And Exeter could very well feature in the film if it goes ahead. You've probably heard the 26-year-old mention the city many times – for all the wrong reasons.

He revealed that he was the support act for Example in Exeter only two months before he became a global superstar.

The singer said: "I was getting paid £50 for this gig and it was an £80 train ticket, so I was like ok cool I am already £30 down but it is fine I'll get there and sell some CDs from my backpack.

"I arrived there, sound check was at 5pm, it gets to 8pm and I am supposed to be going on at 8.30pm and no one is there and I was thinking my train is at 10pm.

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"So I asked if I could push the set back to 9pm, still no one was there and then pushed it back to 9.30pm and no one was there so they were like you will just have to play and I missed my train.

"So not only did I play for no one and I missed my train, but I ended up sleeping on a little bench by the train station until the train came and had 57 stops back to London."

Since the singer's days on the road, when he would travel from city to city performing, it appears that Ed has not been back to Exeter to perform since "his worst gig ever".

Speaking about his hopes to make a film, Sheeran told Q: "I want to have an 8 Mile moment but 8 Mile meets Notting Hill.

"Not gritty like Detroit but, like, Ipswich. I've got loads of songs about Ipswich that haven't come out so I could make a soundtrack."

And, in a previous interview with The Sun about the project, he said: "I really want to make a film that I do the soundtrack for and star in – that's my next thing. I look at a film like Notting Hill and I think that's like a brilliant benchmark, or Once. So if you were to mix Notting Hill with Once, I would say that would be a good start. I don't think I will do an album as a soundtrack, but I will definitely put together a soundtrack with a bunch of my songs on it, but I don't think it will be an album."

He added: "I am in talks with one filmmaker that I really fucking love and we are going to slowly but surely put something together. I would want to cast all unknowns. I want to have low-budget, indie, British-made film."

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